Example Codes

Example Codes are provided as embedded Python Notebooks. Code is open source and can be downloaded from GitHub and used for your own research.

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the Glossary

The OceanUQ Glossary is written by Working Group Members as a resource to the community

Data Recipes

The Data Recipes Blog is written by Working Group Members to support the community.

Publications and reports

Guides, websites, and handbooks for best practices in quantifying uncertainty

OBPS – https://www.oceanbestpractices.org/

The Ocean Best Practices System (OBPS) is a community-led effort that provides publication, discovery and access to relevant and tested methods, from observation to application. OBPS supports the entire ocean community in sharing methods, developing best practices and capacity development in their use. It includes a repository for best practices, peer-reviewed publications, training, and user support. Check out the OBPS Uncertainty search.

PiMEP – https://www.salinity-pimep.org/

Salinity PiMEP (Pilot-Mission Exploitation Platform) is a “one stop shop” for ocean salinity measurements and a beautiful example of a community effort to estimate measurement uncertainties in a systematic and consistent manner. PiMEP allows users to compare surface salinity measurements from all available satellite and in situ platforms.

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