About OceanUQ

Who We Are

Under the umbrella of US CLIVAR, a working group has come together to discuss how Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) and its associated concepts can be systematically incorporated into oceanographic research, including but not limited to:

  • training of current and future scientists,
  • observing systems and process studies designs,
  • data workflow, modeling, and data assimilation.

A notable point of focus is to assess how both observationalists and modelers describe uncertainty in their products, and how they can adopt consistent strategies and terminology in order to facilitate the exchange and use of data between their respective communities.

There already exists a momentum among oceanographic communities for activities supporting improved quantification and communication of uncertainties. This working group will capitalize on the outcomes and action items from previous activities on UQ and will help provide coordination, progress, and concrete milestones for this topic.

What We Do

The objectives of the OceanUQ Working Group are:

  • To develop a community-driven web platform for Ocean UQ knowledge and strategies (this site!)
  • To produce peer-reviewed open-access articles on UQ for observational and model ocean data
  • To organize a summer school/workshop on Ocean UQ (coming in 2022!)